Nadine Abu Rumman

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Participation to PhD school
DescriptionExternal siteYear
INIT/AERFAI Summer School on Machine LearningLink2013
International Computer Vision Summer School 2013 - Computer Vision and Machine LearningLink2013
Regularization Methods for Machine Learning - RegML 2014Link2014
Participation to conferences/workshops
DescriptionExternal siteYear
SCCG 2014 as a presenter (Best Presentation Award)Link2014
During the period of visit at ICube lab, I presented my work in a talk entitled ‘Position-based Skinning for Soft Articulated Characters’Link2015
Computer Graphics International Conference (CGI) 2015Link2015
The International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (as a presenter)Link2016
Conference Talk at ACM SIGGRAPH on MiGLink2016
Long stay visiting research periods
DescriptionExternal siteYear
PhD Visiting Student at ICube laboratory (the Geometry and Computer Graphics team (IGG))/ University of Strasbourg, led by Prof. Dominique Bechmann. [Studying the possibility of obtaining real-time collision detection for articulated deformable charactersLink2015

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1State of the Art in Skinning Techniques for Articulated Deformable CharactersNadine Abu Rumman, Marco Fratarcangeliaccepted for publication in the 11th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Application (to appear GRAPP, 2016).2016
2 Position-based Skinning for Soft Articulated CharactersNadine Abu Rumman, Marco FratarcangeliComputer Graphics Forum, Volume 34, Issue 6, pages 240–250, September 20152015
3Collision Detection for Articulated Deformable CharactersNadine Abu Rumman, Marco Schaerf and Dominique BechmannProceedings of the 8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games, Pages 215-220 2015
4Position-based Skinning of Skeleton-driven Deformable CharactersNadine Abu Rumman, Marco FratarcangeliACM Spring conference on Computer Graphics 2014-(Best Paper Award)2014
5Robust Digital Watermarking for Compressed 3D Models based on Polygonal RepresentationSamir Abou El-seoud, Nadine Abu Rumman, Islam A T F Taj-eddin, Khalaf F Khatatneh and Christain GutlIJCA International Journal of Computer Applications2013
6A Proposed Pedagogical Mobile Application for Learning Sign LanguageSamir Abou El-Seoud, Islam Taj-Eddin, Ann Nosseir, Hosam El-Sofany, Nadine Abu RummanInternational Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), Vol 7, No 1 (2013)2013
7Automatic Face Modelling From Laser ScannerNadine Abu Rumman and Marco FratarcangeliInternational Computer Vision Summer School / Computer Vision and Machine Learning2013
8Geometry Compression for 3D Polygonal Models using a Neural Network Abu Rumman.N El-Seoud.S, Khatatneh.K, Christian.GInternational Journal on Futuristic Computer Applications2010
9Scalability and Tracking issues In Wireless Distributed Sensor Network, Alhadidi.B, Abu-arr’ay.M , Abu Rumman.N International Conference on Future Computer and Communication2009
10Operating System Support for Multimedia: Survey Abu Rumman.NIACSIT Spring Conference 2009