Marco Console

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Participation to PhD school
DescriptionExternal siteYear
EDBT summer school 2013Link2013
Reasoninweb summer school 2013Link2013
Participation to national and international research projects
DescriptionExternal siteYear
Optique - Scalable end user access to big data.Link2013
Optique - Scalable end user access to big data.Link2014
Participation to conferences/workshops
DescriptionExternal siteYear
ECAI 2014 conference. Participation as speaker.Link2014
AAAI 2014 conference. Participation as speaker and poster presenter.Link2014
Description Logics workshop 2014. Participation as poster presenter.Link2014
Long stay visiting research periods
DescriptionExternal siteYear
Visiting Edinburgh University, under the supervision of Prof. Leonid Libkin.2015

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1Data Accuracy as Knowledge in Ontology Based Data Access (preliminary report).Marco Console29th International Workshop on Description Logics (DL)2016
2Approximations and Refinements of Certain Answers via Many-Valued Logics.Marco Console, Paolo Guagliardo, Leonid Libkin15th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR)2016
3Data Quality in Ontology-based Data Access: The Case of ConsistencyMarco Console, Maurizio LenzeriniAAAI 20142014
4Graphol: Ontology Representation through DiagramsMarco Console, Domenico Lembo, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio SavoDescription Logics 20142014
5 Reducing Global Consistency to Local Consistency in Ontology-based Data Access - Extended AbstractMarco Console, Maurizio LenzeriniDescription Logics 20142014
6Reducing global consistency to local consistency in Ontology-based Data Access.Marco Console, Maurizio LenzeriniECAI 20142014
7Effective Computation of Maximal Sound Approximations of Description Logic Ontologies.Marco Console, José Mora, Riccardo Rosati, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio SavoInternational Semantic Web Conference (2) 20142014
8From OWL to DL - Lite through Efficient Ontology ApproximationMarco Console, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio Savonternational Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems2013
9Synthesizing Extensional Constraints in Ontology-Based Data AccessMarco Console, Maurizio Lenzerini, Riccardo Mancini, Riccardo Rosati, Marco RuzziInternational Workshop on Description Logics2013
10Efficient Approximation in DL-Lite of OWL 2 OntologiesMarco Console, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio SavoInternational Workshop on Description Logics2013
11Mastro Studio: a system for Ontology-Based Data ManagementCristina Civili, Marco Console, Domenico Lembo, Lorenzo Lepore, Riccardo Mancini, Antonella Poggi, Marco Ruzzi, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio SavoOWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop2013
12MASTRO STUDIO: Managing Ontology-Based Data Access applicationsCristina Civili, Marco Console, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Lorenzo Lepore, Riccardo Mancini, Antonella Poggi, Riccardo Rosati, Marco Ruzzi, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio SavoInternational Conference on Very Large Data Bases2013
13 Optique 1.0: Semantic Access to Big Data: The Case of Norwegian Petroleum Directorate\'s FactPagesEvgeny Kharlamov, Martin Giese, Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz, Martin G. Skjæveland, Ahmet Soylu, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov, Timea Bagosi, Marco Console, Peter Haase, Ian Horrocks, Sarunas Marciuska, Christoph Pinkel, Mariano Rodriguez-Muro, Marco Ruzzi, Valerio Santarelli, Domenico Fabio Savo, Kunal Sengupta, Michael Schmidt, Evgenij Thorstensen, Johannes Trame, Arild WaalerInternational Semantic Web Conference 20132013
14On Separability of Ontological ConstraintsAndrea Calì, Marco Console, Riccardo FrosiniAlberto Mendelzon international workshop on foundations of data management2012