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Participation to PhD school
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Winter School: Hot Topics in Secure and Dependable Computing for Critical InfrastructureLink2012
Participation to national and international research projects
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Brindisys national projectLink2011
Sm4All european projectLink2011

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1Energy Management in Smart Spaces through the OPlatform.Caruso M., Mecella M., Cerocchi A., Forte V., Querzoni L., Baldoni R.Proceedings of the Second International WorkShop on Energy-Aware Systems, Communications and Security, EASyCoSe 20142014
2On the black-box stand-by recognition strategies in smart home environments.Caruso M., Cerocchi A.Proceedings of The 12th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, EUC 20142014
3An assistive device with conventional, alternative and Brain-computer interface inputs to enhance interaction with the environment for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a feasibility and usability study.Schettini F., Riccio A.,Simione L., Liberati G., Caruso M., Frasca V., Calabrese B., Mecella M., Pizzimenti A., Inghilleri M., Mattia D., and Cincotti F.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2014
4P300-based BCI to drive an assistive device: Usability Evaluation with StakeholdersSchettini F., Riccio A., Caruso M., Mecella M., Mattia D., Cincotti, F.Proocedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference 20142014
5Correlating power consumption and network traffic for improving data centers resiliency.Baldoni R., Caruso M., Cerocchi A., Ciccotelli C., Montanari L., Nicoletti, L.Proceedings of The First International Workshop on Real-time Big Data Analytics for Critical Infrastructure Protection, BIG4CIP 20142014
6Benchmarking smart spaces through autonomous virtual agents.M. Caruso, F. Leotta, M. Mecella, S. VassosProceedings of International conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, AAMAS 20132013
7My-world-in-my-tablet: An architecture for people with physical impairment. M. Caruso, F. Cincotti, F. Leotta, M. Mecella, A. Riccio, F. Schettini, L. Simione, T. CatarciProceeding of Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction Modalities and Techniques - 15th International Conference, HCI International 20132013
8User profiling and micro-accounting for smart energy managementM. Caruso, M. Mecella, R. Baldoni, L. Querzoni, A. Cerocchi,Proceedings of 11th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, SenSys 20132013
9The brindisys project: Brain computer interfaces as assistive technology for people with alsF. Schettini, A. Riccio, L. Simione, G. Liberati, M. Caruso, B. Calabrese, N. Ielpo, A. Palumbo, V. Frasca, M. Mecella, F. Amato, A. Pizzimenti, M. Inghilleri, D. Mattia, F. CincottiProceedings of Fifth International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting 20132013
10From touch to brain control: augmenting communication in persons with alsF. Schettini, A. Riccio, L. Simione, G. Liberati, M. Caruso, B. Calabrese, N. Ielpo, A. Palumbo, V. Frasca, M. Mecella, F. Amato, A. Pizzimenti, M. Inghilleri, D. Mattia, F. CincottiProceedings of 12th European AAATE Conference2013
11Synthesizing Daily Life Logs Through Gaming and Simulation.Caruso M., Leotta F., Mecella M., Vassos S.Proceedings of 2nd Workshop on Recent Advances in Behavior Prediction and Pro-Active Pervasive Computing (AwareCast '13)2013
12Service ecologies for home/building automationMario Caruso, Claudio Di Ciccio, Ettore Iacomussi, Eirini Kaldeli, Alexander Lazovik, Massimo MecellaSyRoCo 20122012
13From Keyboard to Brain Computer Interface: the Brindisys ProjectF. Schettini, F. Aloise, M. Mecella, M. Caruso, A. Palumbo, A. Pizzimenti, M. Inghilleri, F. Cincotti,GNB 20122012
14The homes of tomorrow: Service composition and advanced user interfacesClaudio Di Ciccio, Massimo Mecella, Mario Caruso, Vincenzo Forte, Ettore Iacomussi, Querzoni Leonardo, Rasch Katharina, Giuseppe Santucci, Giuseppe Tino. ICST Transactions on Ambient Systems 20112011