Donatella Firmani

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Contact and personal infos: Current position:
Post-Doc University of Roma Tre

Participation to PhD school
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The 29th Lipari School for Scientific Research: Social Networks (Complex Systems Series)Link2010
International School on Mathematics, Guido Stampacchia: Graph Theory, Algorithms And Applications, 2nd Edition.Link2011
Participation to national and international research projects
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Participation to conferences/workshops
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ICTCS 2009Link2009
TRAC 2011Link2011
OOPSLA 2012Link2012
AlMoDEP 2011Link2011
MASSIVE 2012Link2012
Long stay visiting research periods
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Visiting student at AT&T Shannon Laboratory and DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science), New Jersey (USA).Link2012

Title Autor(s) Published in Year
1The (Betweenness) Centrality of Critical Nodes and Network CoresG. Ausiello, D. Firmani, L. LauraTRAC (4th International Workshop on TRaffic Analysis and Classification)2013
2A Unifying Framework for l_0 Sampling AlgorithmsG. Cormode, D. FirmaniDistributed and Parallel Databases2013
3On Unifying the Space of l_0 Sampling AlgorithmsG. Cormode, D. FirmaniALENEX (15th Meeting on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments)2013
4k-Calling Context ProfilingG. Ausiello, C. Demetrescu, I. Finocchi, D. FirmaniOOPSLA (27th Annual ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications)2012
5Computing strong articulation points and strong bridges in large scale graphsD. Firmani, G. F. Italiano, L. Laura, A. Orlandi, F. SantaroniSEA (11th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms)2012
6Large-Scale Graph Biconnectivity in MapReduceG. Ausiello, D. Firmani, L. Laura, E. ParaconeMASSIVE (4th Workshop on Massive Data Algorithmics )2012
7 Real-time monitoring of undirected networks: Articulation points, bridges, and connected and biconnected componentsG. Ausiello, D. Firmani, L. LauraNetworks2012
8Real-time analysis of critical nodes in network coresG. Ausiello, D. Firmani, L. LauraTRAC (3rd International Workshop on TRaffic Analysis and Classification)2012
9A model for continuous query latencies in data streamsR. Baldoni, G. A. Di Luna, D. Firmani, G. LodiAlMoDEP (1st International Workshop on Algorithms and Models for Distributed Event Processing)2011
10Real-time anomalies detection and analysis of network structure, with application to the autonomous system network.G. Ausiello, D. Firmani, L. LauraTRAC (2nd International Workshop on TRaffic Analysis and Classification)2011
11Datastream computation of graph biconnectivity: Articulation Points, Bridges, and Biconnected ComponentsG. Ausiello, D. Firmani, L. Laura.ICTCS (11th Italian Conference on Theoretical Computer Science)2009