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29 cycle
arrowMaurilio Di CiccoWeb pageModel Learning for mobile robots
arrowMohammad Abu SnoberTowards a Collaborative Context-Aware Offloading Scheme in Mobile Cloud Computing
arrowDavide AversaWeb pageSmart Pathfinding: Extending Pathfinding with Agent Capabilities
arrowRoberto CapobiancoWeb pageInteractive Generation and Learning of Semantic-Driven Robot Behaviors
arrowClaudio CiccotelliPractical Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Data Centers
arrowAntonella Del PozzoBuilding Distributed Computing Abstractions in the Presence of Mobile Byzantine Failures
arrowMario PaoliThe Energy Problem in Resource Constrained Wireless Networks
arrowNicolo' Rivetti di Val Cervo
arrowJacopo SerafinWeb pageUsing Extended Measurements and Geometric Features for Robust Long-Term Localization and Mapping
arrowannalisa terracinaWeb page
arrowMohammad Salah UddinWeb pageMulti-Robot Systems: From Grounding to Physical Execution. A Knowledge-based Approach Assistant Professor

28 cycle
arrowNadine Abu RummanWeb pagePosition-based Skin Deformations for Interactive Character Animation
arrowMarek AdamczykWeb pageApproximation algorithms for stochastic optimization
arrowNoor Aldeen KamelWeb pageNetwork-Aware Recommendations in Online Social Networks
arrowMarco AngeliniWeb pagePredictive Visual Analytics: dealing with Situation Awareness, Prediction and Forecasting
arrowReem AtassiWeb pageR ECOMMENDATION FOR G ROUPS: Tourist Itineraries, Social Activities
arrowDaniele Cono D' EliaWeb pageNew Techniques for Adaptive Program Optimization
arrowMarco ConsoleOntology-based data quality: principles, methods, and algorithms
arrowAngela Di IorioKnow Thyself: Engineering Workflows for Provenance Self-Aware Systems
arrowAdriano FazzoneWeb pageAlgorithms for Organizing Human Experts
arrowGiulia FisconWeb pageBioinformatics Algorithms for Knowledge Extraction in Biomedical Data
arrowGuglielmo GemignaniWeb pageKnowledgeable Robots Through Multimodal HRI
arrowLorenzo LeporeMetamodeling and metaquerying in OWL 2 QL: semantics and algorithms
arrowTaigo Maria BonanniWeb pageA General Approach to Map Merging on Pose Graphs
arrowValsamis NtouskosWeb page
arrowFabio PetroniWeb pageMining at scale with latent factor models for matrix completion
arrowFabio PrevitaliWeb pagePredicting Future Agent Motions through a Distributed Multi-Clustered Particle Filtering

27 cycle
arrowGiuseppe Antonio DI Luna On Deterministic Counting in Anonymous Dynamic Networks
arrowMario CarusoWeb pageService Ecologies, Energy Management, and Accessibility in Smart Homes.
arrowCristina CiviliProcessing Tuple-Generating Dependencies for Ontological Query Answering and Query Explanation
arrowRiccardo Colini BaldeschiApproximation Algorithms in Mechanism Design: an application to sponsored search auctions
arrowFrancesco FicarolaWeb page
arrowAndrea PennisiWeb pageAutomatic Surveillance with Multiple Heterogeneous Sensors Post-Doc
arrowValerio SantarelliDesigning Ontology-Based Data Access Solutions: Representation and Reasoning Support

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