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Software Visualization and Algorithm Animation
Software visualization research at GVU
Zeus and Algorithm Animation at SRC
MacBALSA Algorithm Animation software
Pavane: a declarative visualization system
Vega: Visualization Environment for Geometric Algorithms
Program Visualization at IBM Research
Catai: an animation system that relies on Distributed Object Technologies
Aicall: stack usage analysis and software visualization (displays call and control flow graphs)

Visual languages and User Interfaces
WWW Virtual Library: Visual Languages and Visual Programming (University of Geneva)
Amulet: A Multiplatform User Interface Development Environment for C++

Graph drawing
GDToolkit: an object-oriented library for handling and drawing graphs
AGD-Library: Algorithms for Graph Drawing

Reversible execution
Mike's Reversible Computing Page
ZStep 95: A Reversible, Animated Source Code Stepper
MIT Reversible Computing Home Page

Development environments and visual debugging
CenterLine Software, Inc. - Developing application software that enhances and simplies the software development lifecycle process
Metrowerks CodeWarrior

Macintosh Italian Programmers Zone (MIPZ)

Macintosh free software

Some of the sites that link Leonardo
Roam - Rome Owners of Apple Macintosh
Idealibrary: Journal of Visual Language and Computing
Super Mac Man
The Shareware Author Index
Free Macintosh Compiler Index
Pierluigi Crescenzi's Software
Jon Kleisers hjemmeside
SoftWatcher | Mac Updates
MacUpdate: Leonardo IDE 3.4.1 (PPC), The programmer's Search Engine
CNET for the Mac - Leonardo
LINK : etcetra
"All" Engineering Resources on the Internet
Algorithmique références Internet
Graphes Algorithmes Méthodes d'Optimisations et Complexité
PEACHES: GearHead Page
Open Directory - Computers: Algorithms: Algorithm Animation
WWW Virtual Library: Visual Languages and Visual Programming
The Association! File area: Gamers_Stop_Here
Sharewareplace: Programming Software - Development
Made with Macintosh Supporters
Macintosh Software Webring
Macintosh Developer Webring
Mac Programmer's Array
MacOS Open Source Software: Development
Apple - Macintosh Products Guide
Macintosh Italian Programmers Zone
The Macintosh Programmer's Link Library
Mac Game Designer: Coding
The WASTE Page

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