Program repository

The following list describes the content of Leonardo's C program repository, available for download at the download page. Unless explicitly stated, programs in the collection are provided with the full Alpha-annotated C source code and are public domain programs.

Computational geometry
Visualization of Gabriel graphs
Graham's convex hull algorithm (snapshot, 17K) (animation, 24K)

Data structures
Animation of operations on Binary Heaps (snapshot, 7K) (snapshot, 9K) (snapshot, 64K)
Animation of operations on linked lists (snapshot, 5K )
Animation of operations on Red-Black trees

Graph algorithms
Bipartite matching (flow-based)
Hamilton circuit searching (backtracking) (animation, 52K)
Topological sorting (snapshot, 7K)
A 2-approximate algorithm for finding a vertex cover
Ear decomposition of an undirected graph
Coloring A backtracking coloring algorithm (snapshot, 8K)
A heuristic coloring algorithm
Connected components Connected components of undirected graphs
Strongly connected components of directed graphs (snapshot, 11K) (snapshot, 16K)
Network flows Ford-Fulkerson's algorithm
FIFO preflow-push maximum flow algorithm
Highest-distance preflow-push maximum flow algorithm
Minimum spanning tree Kruskal's algorithm
Prim's algorithm (snapshot, 11K)
Shortest paths Bellman-Ford-Moore's algorithm
Dijkstra's algorithm
Floyd's algorithm
Visit Breadth-first visit algorithm
Depth-first visit algorithm (directed/undirected)

Graph drawing
Kamada-Kawai's graph drawing algorithm (snapshot, 69K) (animation, 114K)
Preorder/Postorder-based tree drawing algorithm
Reingold-Tilford's tree drawing algorithm

On-line algorithms
Virtual memory page substitution algorithms LRU algorithm
OPT algorithm
FIFO algorithm

Sorting algorithms
Bubblesort algorithm
Selectionsort algorithm
Mergesort algorithm (snapshot, 7K) (animation, 99K)
Quicksort algorithm
Heapsort algorithm

Other algorithms
Huffman codes generation algorithm (snapshot, 12K)
Hanoi towers algorithm (snapshot, 8K)
MinMax game playing algorithm (snapshot, 9K)

Random graphs generator (snapshot, 92K)
Virtual CPU benchmark program
Disassembler 1.0
Time 1.0

Miscellaneous graphic demos
Text (snapshot, 33K), Rectangles (snapshot, 26K), 3D function (animation, 71K)

The game of Checkers (italian rules) (snapshot, 19K), executable only
The game of Tetris (both reversible and not) (snapshot, 45K)