Concept, design and implementation
(c) 1997-2001 by Camil Demetrescu and Irene Finocchi

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) for being a magical source of inspiration
All Leonardo's users, for their feedback and support
Pierluigi Crescenzi and Rossella Petreschi for encouraging us in realizing Leonardo
Jon Kleiser and Joseph Strout for their valuable comments
Marco Piovanelli, for his powerful text editing engine [WASTE text engine (c) 1993-1996 Marco Piovanelli]
Dan Crevier, Timothy Paustian and David Hirsch for their excellent C/C++ software contributions
All at Metrowerks for their wonderful CodeWarrior programming environment, which we used for developing Leonardo

Irene and Camil, April 1999, S.Felice Circeo, Italy (jpg, 21 KB)