General info

short info about the WAS learning module

The Web Application Security (WAS) module is a learning unit within the course Elective in Computer Networks. WAS focuses the scenario of the Web applications and address threats and attacks that can be carried out to/through them. The two most used applications are e-mail and Web browsing and these are the first we shall consider.

We shall also consider widely used attacks like SQL-injections and XSS, showing how they work and what type of results can be achieved. A few counter-measures will be addressed.

Other possible topics of the module: privacy preserving, websites defacing, cyberthreats taxonomy, OWASP etc.

Finally, we plan to host one or two presentations given by industry/government people.

Lab and demo

We want to organize lab activity and demos that can be both passive and interactive. Students may be invited to bring their notebooks/laptops/smartphones for direct participation. More info will be given during the module.
Last modified: 03/01/13