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2021-22 lectures: from 27th September 2021 (first actual day of Web security is 1st October 2021), to 23rd December 2021. Only lectures from prof. Coppa (Web security) are relevant, generally on Fridays 9:00 - 11:00. In any case they will be taken from lectures for the exam of Cybersecurity, master of science of Engineering in Computer Science. See the Google calendar below for details.

Rules for the exam

slides and other materials (2019). If some material is encrypted prof. will tell the password during classes. If you need the password (maybe you can't attend the classes) you will have to visit prof. in the office (you can reserve a slot or just have a try)

Lectures 2019

Opened the calls on Infostud for 2022 exams; they will be incrementally added. Check Infostud for signing-up.

Lectures 2017

Lectures 2017-18

Lectures 2018-19

slides and other materials (2017)

Resources 2018

2018-19 homeworks no longer available. The program was optional and allowed 2018-19 students to get extra grades (up to two) on the Web Security part of the exam.

Marks of the exam held on January 30th, 2020. For registration on Infostud: do nothing (just wait); if you have passed (whatever reason) only half exam you will get the registration "renounces"; for seeing your papers: book a slot at prof. d'Amore's office's hours.

Check the 2015 Who Has Your Back report from EFF.

Web Application Security (obsoleted)

a 3-CFU (3-ECTS) learning module within the Elective in Computer Networks - this course is obsoleted

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