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Technical Reports

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2023. TR.N.06 - Exploiting SYMMBK method for the full computation of negative curvature directions
2023. TR N.05 - Heterogeneity of national accounting systems, world-class universities and financial resources: what are the links?
2023. TR N.04 - Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall Estimation with Generative Adversarial Networks
2023. TR N.03 - A robust benchmarking on direct margin of the Italian energy retail market
2023. TR N.02 - Analyzing and Mitigating Issues in Radial Axes Plots for High-Dimensional Data Visualization
2023. TR N.01 - Efficiency of Italian Municipalities and Waste Regulatory Target
2022. TR N.07 - Solving the vehicle routing problem with deep reinforcement learning
2022. TR N.06 - Computational issues in Optimization for Deep networks
2022. TR N.05 - Approximations and Inference for Nonparametric Production Frontiers
2022. TR N.04 - A Framework for the Analysis of the Sustainability of the Energy Retail Market
2022. TR N.03 - Using the Leiden Rankings as a Heuristics: Evidence from Italian universities in the European landscapea
2022. TR N.02 - Multi-criteria optimization scheduling of surgical units: a case study at AOU-Policlinico Umberto I
2022. TR N.01 - A Compact Formulation for the Base Station Deployment Problem in Wireless Networks
2021. TR N.06 - Marriage or Cohabitation? Using machine-learning techniques to predict the relationship choices in France, Germany and Italy
2021, TR N.05 - How should evaluation be? Is a good evaluation of research also just? Towards the implementation of good evaluation
2021, TR N.04 - Heuristics for the Traveling Salesperson Problem based on Reinforcement Learning
2021, TR N.03 - Accounting for Quality in Data Integration Systems: a Completeness-aware Integration Approach
2021, TR N.02 - How disruptive business models with limited capacity impact on long-haul transport markets: social welfare implications
2021, TR N. 01 - Exploiting non-linear transformations of the variables space in derivative-free global optimization
2020, TR n. 02 - Realizing Smart Manufacturing Architectures through Digital Twin Frameworks
2020, TR n. 01 - An optimal non–uniform piecewise constant approximation for the patient arrival rate for a more efficient representation of the Emergency Departments arrival process
2019, TR n. 12 - Studying the Heterogeneity of European Higher Education Institutions
2019, TR n. 11 - Performance Model’s development: A Novel Approach encompassing Ontology- Based Data Access and Visual Analytics
2019, TR n. 10 - Sorting out Guidelines for a Good Evaluation of Research Practices. Towards the Assessment of Researcher’s Virtues
2019, TR n. 09 - High-speed rail and air transport integration in hub-and-spoke networks. The role of airports
2019, TR n. 08 - Supervised and unsupervised learning to classify scoliosis and healthy subjects based on non-invasive rasterstereography analysis
2019, TR n. 07 - Price discrimination and product quality under opt-in privacy regulation
2019, TR n. 06 - Online Block Layer Decomposition schemes for training Deep Neural Networks
2019, TR n. 05 - The Sales Based Integer Program for Post-Departure Analysis in Airline Revenue Management: model and solution
2019, TR n. 04 - Profit optimization in one-way free float car sharing services: a user based relocation strategy relying on price differentiation and Urban Area Values
2019, TR n. 03 - Branching with Hyperplanes in the Criterion Space: the Frontier Partitioner Algorithm for Biobjective Integer Programming
2019, TR n. 02 - Sorting out Guidelines for the Good Evaluation of Research Practices
2019, TR n. 01 - Quality and its Impact on Efficiency
2018, TR n. 06 - Inference for Nonparametric Productivity Networks: A Pseudo-likelihood Approach
2018, TR n. 05 - Fast and Efficient Computation of Directional Distance Estimators
2018, TR n. 04 - Robustness Analysis of a Website Categorization Procedure based on Machine Learning
2018, TR n. 03 - Ontology Extraction from Question/Answer Sections on Online Marketplaces
2018, TR n. 02 - A Bootstrap Approach for Bandwidth Selection in Estimating Conditional Efficiency M
2018, TR n. 01 - The Democratization of Evaluation and Altmetrics
2018 - Research Report 2017
2017, TR n. 12 - Transparent Distributed Cross-State Synchronization in Optimistic Parallel Discrete
2017, TR n. 11 - Global Optimization issues in Supervised Learning. An overview
2017, TR n. 10 - Design Optimization of Synchronous Reluctance Motor for low Torque Ripple
2017, TR n. 09 - Are You the Right Partner ? R&D Agreement as a Screening Device
2017, TR n. 08 - PdM_AGILE: Manuale Operativo
2017, TR n. 07 - Route Recommendations to Business Travelers Exploiting Crowd-Sourced Data
2017, TR n. 06 - GEA 2: A New Earth. Technical report on designing and realizing a serious game for
2017, TR n. 05 - Exploiting damped techniques for nonlinear conjugate gradient methods
2017, TR n. 04 - A framework for the Assessment of Research and its impacts
2017, TR n. 03 - Stesura e Attuazione del Piano di Miglioramento: il Problema della Scelta del Metod
2017, TR n. 02 - PdM-Agile : Una Proposta di Applicazione dei Metodi Agili al Processo di Migliorame
2017, TR n. 01 - Preemptive Software Transactional Memory
2017 - Research Report 2016
2016, TR n. 06 - New Active-Set Frank-Wolfe Variants for Minimization over the Simplex and the L1- B
2016, TR n. 05 - Analysis and Optimization of Business Processes (Tutorial Laboratory Workshop)
2016, TR n. 04 - Revenue Management: a Market-Service decomposition approach for the Sales Based
2016, TR n. 03 - PDE based inpainting algorithms: performance evaluation of the Cahn-Hillard mode
2016, TR n. 02 - Nonparametric Estimation of Efficiency in the Presence of Environmental Variables
2016, TR n. 01 - Core Existence in Vertically Differentiated Markets
2016 - Research Report 2015
2015, TR n. 15 - Air transport and high-speed rail competition: environmental implications and mitig
2015, TR n. 14 - Airport cities and multiproduct pricing
2015, TR n. 13 - Energy Switch: a Home-Automation System for Renewable Energy Self-Consumption Optim
2015, TR n. 12 - Analysing and Experimenting the Intel Galileo Board for the Internet-Of-Things
2015, TR n. 11 - Design, Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Stochastic Gradient Descent
2015, TR n. 10 - Data Integration for Research and Innovation Policy. An Ontology-based Data Managem
2015, TR n. 09 - Towards a price for private information of mobile users: the Arcade apps in Google
2015, TR n. 08 - Testing the “Separability” Condition in Two-Stage Nonparametric Models of Productio
2015, TR n. 07 - It is a matter of hierarchy: a Nash equilibrium problem perspective on bilevel prog
2015, TR n. 06 - Alliance Formation in a Vertically Differentiated Market
2015, TR n. 05 - Content providers and co-investment in broadband networks
2015, TR n. 04 - Modelli dinamici per l’ingegneria gestionale
2015, TR n. 03 - A SVM Surrogate Model Based Method for Yield Optimization in Electronic Circuit Des
2015, TR n. 02 - HORIZON: A Development Methodology for Collaborative Projects
2015, TR n. 01 - An estimation of the condition number for a class of indefinite preconditioned matr
2015 - Research report 2014
2014, TR n. 17 - A Class of Parallel Decomposition Algorithms for SVMs Training
2014, TR n. 16 - Parallel trade, price regulation, and investment incentives
2014, TR n. 15 - A derivative–free approach for a simulation–based optimization problem in healthcar
2014, TR n. 14 - Efficiency and effectiveness in the urban public transport sector
2014, TR n. 13 - Behavioral Finance and Agent Based Model: the new evolving discipline
2014, TR n. 12 - Beyond university rankings ? Generating new indicators on European universities
2014, TR n. 11 - Modelli di option pricing: l'equazione di Black & Scholes
2014, TR n. 10 - Welfare enhancing coordination in consumer cooperatives under mixed oligopoly
2014, TR n. 09 - Rankings and university performance: a conditional multidimensional approach
2014, TR n. 08 - Efficiency and economies of scale and scope in European universities
2014, TR n. 07 - Efficiency and benchmarking with directional distances. A data driven approach
2014, TR n. 06 - Optimal Step-wise Parameter Optimization of a FOREX Trading Strategy
2014, TR n. 05 - Relationships between centrality measures and VCG mechanism
2014, TR n. 04 - Multiproduct airport competition and e-commerce strategies
2014, TR n. 03 - A supervised market mechanism for efficient airport slot allocation
2014, TR n. 02 - Brothers in alms ? Coordination between nonprofits on markets for donations
2014, TR n. 01 - Optimal Incentives in a Principal-Agent Model with Endogenous Technology
2013, TR nn. 16 - Vertical Integration in Two-Sided Markets: Exclusive Provision and Program Quality
2013, TR nn. 15 - Coalitional Approaches to Collusive Agreements in Oligopoly Games
2013, TR nn. 14 - Parallel trade, product quality, and welfare
2013, TR nn. 13 - Knowledge spillover effects at the sub-regional level
2013, TR nn. 12 - Minimal value of the maximal dose fraction in the optimization of the radiotherapy
2013, TR nn. 11 - Directional Distances and their Robust versions. Computational and Testing Issues
2013, TR nn. 10 - A Quantitative Measure to Compare the Disciplinary Profiles of Research Systems