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Participation of ALCOR Lab at the euRobotics Week

On November 26, 2012 our laboratory has participated at the 2012 edition of the euRobotics Week, promoted by EUnited Robotics - The European Robotics Association. Robots@DIAG was the title of the event organized by DIAG, Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti and its robotics laboratories.

In particular, we presented our robots, our current research activity and material from our work on NIFTi project.

Our experiences in Nothern Italy, in the Emilia-Romagna region, hit by the earthquake

Mirabello Church




Saint Philip Church - Cento

Gambro Facility - Mirandola

In the center of Mirandola - The red area

The press release issued by the EU is available at

An experience report of Mirandola deployment is available at

2nd Year Evaluation of EU FP7 NIFTi project: "Excellent with exceeding expectations"

Executive summary: The reviewers of the NIFTi project continue to be pleased to find that the NIFTi project is well organized and well managed by the full set of partners, who work closely together especially with their user community. The workpackages have met their intended milestones and deliverables for Year 2 of the project. Most importantly, their workpackages have made significant effort to address the needs of a potential user community of Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) robots by holding joint exercises with the Fire Department of Dortmund, and with the Vigili del Fuoco at their training center in Montelibretti, Italy (Scuola di Formazione Operativa di Montelibretti). Furthermore, the research team has consistently and appropriately addressed the reviewer recommendations from last year. The research team provided a credible and successful demonstration of its results with clear and enthusiastic support from the Scuola di Formazione Operativa di Montelibretti. The demonstration presented a commendable baseline of code and robotic capabilities.

2nd year End-User Evaluation of EU FP7 NIFTi project

As a core part of the NIFTi project, we have organized the second year's end-user evaluation at Montelibretti's firefighters training school in Italy. The week-long event concerned the participation of several firefighters who used the robotic platform in order to carry out a number of tasks, common to Urban Search and Rescue missions. The data collected from the experiments and the feedback provided by the firefighters, together, play a central part in refining and improving the developed functionalities in order to meet the expected standards and achieve the goals of the project.


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