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 Modeling and control of multi-rotor UAVs
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Academic year 2018/19

Material for this module
How to complete the credits for this module
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Aims: This module presents recent results in modeling and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with main emphasis on quadrotors.

Detailed contents: Introduction and illustration of the Hummingbird quadrotor available at the Robotics Laboratory. Mathematical model of a quadrotor UAV. Attitude, height and position control. Trajectory generation and tracking. Sensor-based control.

Prerequisites: This module has no strict prerequisites. However, familiarity with basic concepts of automatic control will help.

ECTS credits for this module: 3 credits (out of 12 credits for the whole course).

Lectures for this module

Period: first part of the first semester

Begin:  Monday, 1st October 2018 End:  Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Final schedule/rooms: Monday 14:00-17:00, A7; Tuesday 16:00-18:00, A4

Material for this module

Introduction and quadrotor modeling

Control based on dynamic feedback linearization

A nonlinear controller on SE(3)

State estimation

Visual hovering

Students Projects
State estimation and position  control: the EuRoC experience
Visibility vs RRT-based motion planning

How to complete the credits for this module

Please check the information in the main page of the Elective in Robotics course.

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Send me an e-mail to arrange an appointment.

Registration to exams

Please check the information in the main page of the Elective in Robotics course. In order to get the final grade (for 12 credits), you need to register only once you have acquired the credits of all modules.

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