a Fault Tolerant CORBA interoperable implementation

IRL is a research project carried out at Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica of the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

IRL final goal is to implement the Fault Tolerant CORBA specification, a standard for the development and the deployment of distributed, fault tolerant, CORBA application. IRL has been designed as a set of CORBA compliant objects handling object replication.

The main IRL project features are:

  • Interoperability: allowing transparent interactions among replicated IRL objects and application objects deployed on ORBs from different vendors.
  • Pluggability: IRL can be deployed on many CORBA 2.4 compliant ORBs, without requiring modifications to the local ORB and to the native OS.

Previous features allow to design applications composed by replicated and highly available CORBA objects and to simplify IRL application deployment and management.
In our picture this should permit large enterprises to:

  • maintain their CORBA infrastructure (i.e. the ORBs) and their CORBA-compliant applications while retrofitting fault tolerance and high availability to specific mission critical application objects;

  • save the cost of developing new fault tolerant applications from the scratch and of administer etherogeneous environvents with fault tolerant replicated objects.