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Lectures for Course Elective
in Software and Services:
Business Process Management 

This page contains all of the slides presented in two lectures given by Dr. Massimiliano de Leoni for the Course "Elective in Software and Services" - Section "Service Integration".

Lecture 1: 20 November 2009

Lecture 2: 27 November 2009

The lecture slides are available here (updated on November, 30, 2009).

Slides are linked to different Flash animations. Apart from the animation of slide 22, the others concern the so-called Workflow Patterns and can be watched on the reference web site at http://www.workflowpatterns.com/patterns/control (check the the number of the corresponding pattern). The animation of slide 22 is available here.

The working example to illustrate the feature YAWL System is available here. Further details are at http://www.yawlfoundation.org/resources/demos.html.

Note: The work-list handler shown in the link above refers to a previous version: the new version looks slightly different.

The main web site of YAWL is at www.yawlfoundation.com where a lot of additional material is available. From the site the whole system can be downloaded together the latest version of the user manual (the editor can be also downloaded by itself here).


Note: A course titled "Seminars in Software and Services" will take place in the second semester, of which Prof. Nanni is responsible for this year. This course will host a module, taught by Prof. ter Hofstede, that details very deeply the field of Business Process Management. I strongly encourage students that are interested in this topic to add it to their curricula.

Acknowlgement. These presentations use some slides prepared by several different people, who are properly acknowledged to express our gratitude. The animations are used by a kind agreement with the respective authors. The example of "Applying for a credit card" has been prepared by Dr. Moe T. Wynn from Queensland University of Technology, Australia as working example for the paper: A. Rozinat, M. T. Wynn, W. M. P. van der Aalst, A. H. M. ter Hofstede, C. J. Fidge, "Workflow simulation for operational decision support", Data & Knowledge Engineering 68 (9) (2009) 834850.